How Should a Men’s Polo T-Shirt Fit?

August 21, 2023
How Should a Men’s Polo T-Shirt Fit?

Despite being a timeless staple, the polo T-shirt may not always have the best reputation in the world of fashion. The ideal Mens Polo T-Shirt in timeless hues and a proper fit may be a true fashion statement.

A Polo t-shirt should fit closely to the body, just like a T-shirt. There shouldn't be much extra fabric anywhere, but it also shouldn't be skin-tight or constricting.

But how exactly should a Mens Polo T-shirt fit? Check out this article to learn more.

1. Check the Collar & Neck Opening

You shouldn't worry about the collar size because it is generally the same across all brands. Simply watch that they are not too little.
However, pay close attention to the buttons and make sure they don't go past the top of your armpits.

2. The Button Placket

There is typically a button placket if there is a stand-up collar. Therefore, another feature that distinguishes between the polo t-shirts your dad wears and the polos you should wear is the button placket. A seamless button placket with buttons made of genuine mother-of-pearl gives the polo a subtle, opulent touch, in contrast to many polo shirt button plackets that are embellished with designs or vibrant stitching. The secret to button plackets is straightforward: less is more. It's a broad principle that applies to minimalist fashion in general and not just mens polo t-shirts.

3. The Length

Fits are annoyingly virtually always exclusively created based on width when it comes to outerwear. However, the length of a polo T-shirt (and any other apparel) is just as crucial to getting the ideal fit as the width. Because of this, Greylongg has created a fitness concept that takes both length and width into account. While the sleeves should terminate around 10 centimeters above the elbows, the optimal length for a Richard Paadler mens polo T-shirt is where the hips would be.

4. Sleeves

The sleeves should softly encircle your arms and end at mid-bicep. It's okay if certain Polo T-shirts have a ribbed band at the end of the sleeve where it will hug a little closer. No matter what, the sleeves shouldn't be so tight that they give the impression that your biceps are being strangled. Additionally, you don't want there to be much space or slack around the bicep. That makes your arms appear small in the worst way feasible and just looks cheap and ugly.

5. Length

The t-shirt should fall between the upper and middle crotch. To avoid displaying your stomach when reaching up for objects and to allow it to be softly tucked into the front of your belt or jeans to break up your proportions, aim for closer to mid-crotch than upper-crotch.

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6. The Material

Piqué knit is a versatile fabric that should be used to create a high-quality polo shirt. This fabric's inventive knit design offers plush softness, improved breathability, and excellent durability. The fabric's drape is greatly influenced by the material, which also has an impact on how the Polo t-shirt fits. Polo t-shirts can now be found in blended polyester or jersey fabrics.
Always go for high-quality Mens Polo T-shirt from Greylongg that guarantee elasticity, softness, and stability.

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