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About Us

At Greylongg, we bring you a collection rooted in the beauty of the skill that the artists and weavers have been proudly carrying since the time immemorial. Their artwork is further blended and presented with Italian aesthetics to give you something that not only you find comfort in but also cherish for a long time to come.

The founders wanted to introduce brands whose products are chemical free, environmentally-safe and consume lesser amount water in the dying process. And with this intention and hope, the people who were running B2B business from the last 20 years decided to take a leap of faith and interact with their consicous consumers directly through GREYLONGG.


Greylongg believes in the practices that prioritize balance and harmony between Mother Nature and society’s needs. Through our products, we try to do our bit to sustain the planet’s beauty for the future generations while undoing the damage that fast-fashion has done.

Light-weight and Recycled

When you choose Greylongg, you choose flexible T-shirts that are not only pocket and environment friendly but also skin friendly. The light-weight material is made from recycled objects in order to reduce the carbon footprint. The relaxed material can be worn any day and anywhere.

Breathable Fabric

The feather-light touch of our fabric lets you, your body and our planet breathe. Our T-shirts are the luxury all three can afford.

Greylongg Signature Thread

We turn single use plastic bottles into a refined thread, which then is cleverly weaved and shaped into comfortable t-shirts. Our eco-friendly fabric is long lasting, supremely comfortable that you can proudly own and show off sans guilt.

Message from the Founders

We take pride in our products, for they can be said to be a true union of sustainability and everlasting designs. When you wear our eco and skin-friendly t-shirts, you complete the story that was sourced from the lands of Tirupur and Ludhiana: crafted by talented weavers; designed by visionary artists of Vietnam and Bangladesh; inspired by Italy; and brought to your doorstep by the passionate Greylongg team. So, come and experience this journey that has inspired so many souls, including ours.
Nitika and Vasudha

How Greylongg was born

There’s always some issue that speaks to you more than anything else, you often feel like doing something about it. The desperation to at least attempt to make the world and your mind a better and peaceful place to live, seemingly overwhelms your entire existence. Well, that’s how the founders felt about the current scenario happening in the fashion industry that is moving too fast and wasting too much. The founders wanted to introduce brands whose products are chemical free, environmentally-safe and consume less water in the dying process. Today, Greylongg finds itself to be popular among people owing to the brand’s pledge to follow the 6 Sigma principles to eliminate all the possible defects and give customers the quality they deserve. Additionally, the brand maintains its stand on promoting a waste-free environment by using recycled packaging material and buttons. These steps in a way turn Greylongg into a message itself that everyone should be reading.
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