Mystery Unveiled: How Were Polo T-shirts Invented?

July 11, 2023
Mystery Unveiled: How Were Polo T-shirts Invented?

Undoubtedly, one of the most recognizable items of menswear to appear in the last century is the polo t-shirt. The term "polo," often known as "the sport of kings," is a well-known game that has long been a favorite of society's upper classes. If you've ever seen the man riding a horse while carrying a mallet in his hand, you're already familiar with the Ralph Lauren emblem. The polo t-shirts has become popular among the young and old, rich and poor, as a charming fusion of elegance, relaxation, and sport.

The modern design we know and love today, which was an early iteration of the button-down dress t-shirt, however, has little in common with the attire worn by royalty, even though the word may be traced back to an ancient aristocratic sport. This is because only one person—a French tennis champion by the name of Jean René Lacoste—is responsible for the birth of modern polo.

What Led to the Polo T-Shirts Widespread Adoption as a Standard Item of Clothing?

You might be shocked to learn that the polo t-shirt, one of the most potent fashion icons of Western culture, has its origins in Manipur, India. In actuality, polo, a sport closely related to upper society in Britain, was born in India. First-ever polo matches were played by the natives in the 19th century when British soldiers stationed in India at the time watched them. Because they were having so much fun, the troops soon founded their polo team. Even though the sport quickly gained popularity, there weren't many polo-appropriate clothes in the British wardrobe. Their t-shirts' fabrics were too thick, and the heavy collars annoyed me when they flapped in the wind.

Participants started changing their attire to make it more comfortable to play polo as a solution to this problem. The most significant modification was the addition of a collar that was fastened in place by buttons; by 1862, both the t-shirt and the sport it was designed for were accepted in British society. This early polo with a collar that could be buttoned swiftly spread to the US as well. The distinctive collar caught the attention of Brooks Brothers' John E. Brooks when he visited England on a buying trip. The business subsequently produced what it refers to as "the original button-down polo t-shirt." Up until the 1920s, this polo t-shirt design stayed largely unchanged.

The polo t-shirt had a surge in popularity in the 1990s, solidifying its status as a fundamental wardrobe item. The polo was practically ubiquitous in the working world, appearing in student uniforms, the business casual standard for IT and other office jobs, as well as the uniforms of hospitality and retail staff.

The Polo T-shirt Today

As you are aware, wearing a polo T-shirts is no longer limited to sports. The polo t-shirts is also a genuine all-arounder in terms of fashion; you can wear it with chinos to the office, shorts to the beach, or sweatpants to the after-work scene.

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